Tuesday, January 20, 2015

50% Down

Well, hello there!  Long time, no talk!  Want to know a little secret?  I got so frustrated waiting on a gentleman that was going to give my blog a whole new look, that I gave up for awhile.  Yes, that's right, I thought, heck, it's never going to happen, so why even bother?!

Then I decided to contact my friend, Traci Little, who did the blog design I currently have, and told her I was in dire need of a bail out.  Gosh, sounds like the government, lol!


Well, not only did she step up to the plate, but she got her platform designer in on the action.  I now have a new Wordpress professional platform, it is being designed for me, and good old Traci is making it all pretty! 

All behind the scenes, of course.  Traci tells me it should be ready by the end of the month.  It will be a lot cleaner than the one I have now, easier to find items of interest, and it will have some different page topics.

And I can't wait!

For now, however, I thought I would give you an update on what's been going on around here.  And it involves a little bit of this color:

  • I now have 50% of our possessions gone.  That is, from when we moved in. Do you know what happens when you remove 50% of your "treasures".  It takes a whole lot less time to clean your home!
  • I did a little paint job on something in my living room, which I will show shortly!
  • I got another piece of furniture, so now the three of us don't have to squish onto a 2 seater, reclining loveseat.  Will show that shortly as well.
  • Then of course, the chair cushion for my rocker I moved up to our livingroom from our family room, no longer matched the furniture in the livingroom.  So, some fabric I purchased last week at Fabricville has been washed, dried, and ready to be made into a new chair cushion cover.
  • I also now have the fabric to make my window seat for our bow window.  Finally!  It's only been 5 years in the making...but who's counting?!
  • Last, but not least, I also purchased the fabric to make a new window covering for our bow window that our puppy put his head through, months ago.
It kind of looks like I have a lot of blog posts coming up in the near future, doesn't it?!  And hopefully some of them will make their first appearance on my brand new platform, which has been a long time coming, as well!