Friday, November 21, 2014

Our Long Awaited Floor Replacement

We knew when we purchased this house (gosh I seem to say that a lot, lol!) that we would be replacing the kitchen floor.

It was marked up, used and abused, and generally unloved in quite a few places.  So, all in all, I basically hated it!

We bounced around several ideas, and eventually the deciding factor became walking through the building section at Costco, just to "take a look".  Now, we all know what happens when we "just" take a look at something. We find something!

What we found was porcelain tiles.  And are they shiny!  Which explains the glare on the top left hand side of this picture.  If you think this is shiny, you should see what I cropped out!

To be honest, this flooring was love at first sight.  Even Mike loved it.  There was no debating whether this was the right flooring type for us.  It was the perfect neutral color.  And, coming in at around $350, it was the perfect price!  And let's just say that Mike's new wet saw he purchased this past summer is getting a workout! 

So, between purging more possessions, flooring, and a flu bug that we haven't been able to shake, it has been hectic and exhausting, all rolled into one!

I will do up another post, showing you the before and after of the entire area we are working on.  I have to tell you, it is an amazing transformation!

Tell me, who else out there is nuts enough to put in a new kitchen floor this close to Christmas?!